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Think about the last time you went to a diner… Remember all the people you saw there?  Some were business people having a lunch meeting, others were good friends catching up with each other over lunch.  Maybe there was a family enjoying breakfast or a young couple out on a date.

In short, New Jersey diners have always been a meeting place for friends, family and business.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why most diners are open 24/7?  Very simply, in today’s busy world, diners are still the preferred meeting place for most of us.

For 30 years now, Placemats Plus Service has been supplying diners with sanitary, colorful, disposable, paper advertising placemats for their customer’s enjoyment. Customers love having a clean setting and seeing local business ads at their favorite diners and restaurants.

Diner owners love our service because it is FREE, it offers their customers an entertaining way to wait until their food is served and, our full color placemats help make the tables look clean & inviting!

Local businesses love Placemats Plus Service because of the low-cost, high volume exclusive advertising we offer them.

Where else can a local professional reach 25,000  and up to 250,000 potential NEW Customers in a 6month period for dollars a day?

Contact Placemats Plus Service TODAY and see how fast we can get YOU in front of thousands of potential new customers!

Call us @ 732-742-3300 or email us @ info@placematsplus.com

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